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The Akudama (アクダマ Akudama) are classified criminals in Kansai.

They are at the heart of Akudama Drive, its main cast consisting of six High-Rank Akudama along with a character identified as the Ordinary Person.


Following the war between Kanto and Kansai, Kansai was destroyed by a bomb and became a vassal to Kanto, which aided in its reconstruction. Kansai being lead by a weakened government with a poor police force, crime ran rampant.

The criminals of Kansai are called Akudama. Those of higher ranks, which means that they have committed the most crimes, are well-known by the citizens, and are actively researched, although they appear to only be known by code names. In order to eliminate them, a division of "Executioners" was created under the direction of Kanto's government.

In Episode 1, the Courier, Hacker, Doctor and Brawler were hired by an anonymous party to rescue the Cutthroat from his long-awaited execution. Joined by the Hoodlum, a lower rank criminal at the time, and an Ordinary Person, they succeeded and were given a new mission to retrieve something from the Shinkansen and deliver it to its next location.

Having succeeded in retrieving Brother and Sister, the Akudama were betrayed by the Doctor, who had been bribed by the Execution Division with the promise to remove her from the list of Akudama, making her an ordinary citizen again. The now Swindler, however, decided to continue with the mission, with later on help from the Courier.

In the midst of the Akudama's impressive mission, and with the fearsome Cutthroat escaped and killing again, an uprising started among the citizens of Kansai. Unhappy with the Execution Division's failed efforts and the lack of help from the police, a group of civilians decided to cause a riot and hunt down the Akudama themselves. Facing difficulties in controlling the large uprising, the Execution Division's Boss decided to declare these citizens Akudama, and as such have them executed.

Known members[edit]

Main cast
Name Status Debut Estimated Prison Sentence Type
Swindler Deceased Episode 1 (Ordinary Person)
Episode 12 (Official debut as the Swindler)
??? Years High-Rank Akudama
Hoodlum Deceased Episode 1 004 Years High-Rank Akudama
Brawler Deceased Episode 1 348 Years High-Rank Akudama
Doctor Deceased Episode 1 432 Years High-Rank Akudama
Hacker Deceased Episode 1 589 Years High-Rank Akudama
Courier Deceased Episode 1 745 Years High-Rank Akudama
Cutthroat Deceased Episode 1 967 Years High-Rank Akudama
Other criminals
Name Status Debut Estimated Prison Sentence Type
Sniper Unknown Episode 1 (mentioned) Unknown High-Rank Akudama
Civilian protesters Deceased Episode 10 (Official debut as Akudama) Unknown Unknown



  • The word Akudama (アクダマ Akudama) can be literally translated to "bad guy" or "villain."