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Welcome to the Akudama Drive Wiki! If you are looking to learn more about the series, why not read the Akudama Drive page? If you are looking for guidance, you could also check out our Community Portal! If you need further help however, here is the list of available administrators.



Username Status Bio
Active Ninjan, or Jan, seeing that there was no administration available, adopted the Wiki on Fandom in January 2021. As a fan of Kazutaka Kodaka's works, she is glad to help out this Wiki. While she hopes to make high-quality edits, she is mostly planning on keeping an eye on vandalism and making sure all background work is handled correctly. She was responsible for moving the Wiki to Miraheze and remains its main admin.


As of 2023, the Akudama Drive Wiki was moved to Miraheze, but it was formerly hosted by Fandom. The following administrators have not yet joined the administration on Miraheze.

Content Mod

Username Status Bio
Inactive JohnnyTron190 is a Content Moderator who joined the wiki on May 2021 and later got promoted as a Content Mod on June 2021. He mainly works on adding the story section for the main characters and creating image Galleries for most characters. He also works as an admin in the English Danganronpa Wiki and works as a regular editor on other fandoms he may enjoy.

The Akudama Drive Wiki is currently looking for more administrators! In order to apply, please contact Ninjan on her talk page.
Conditions to apply are, at the moment, to be an active and trusted user.