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Welcome to the Akudama Drive Wiki! If you are looking to learn more about the series, why not read the Akudama Drive page? If you are looking for guidance, you could also check out our Community Portal! If you'd like to participate in the Wiki, here are our main rules!

Wiki rules[edit]

  1. By participating in this Wiki, you agree to abide by Miraheze's Content Policy.
  2. No edit wars. If you and another user disagree over what information should appear on a page, you are required to discuss it in private or on your respective User talk pages. Repetitive edits to remove each other's work will result in a temporary block. Final decision may, in some cases, belong to the admins.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to edit Wiki pages for malicious purposes such as mocking, harassment, addition of non-canon information, etc. Temporary or definitive blocks will be given at the admins' discretion.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to insult, mock or harass others over comments, edits, Discussions, etc. Temporary or definitive blocks will be given at the admins' discretion.
    1. As such, the use of slurs in page comments or on User talk pages is strictly forbidden. Temporary or definitive blocks will be given at the admins' discretion after a warning.
  5. You must assume that edits are made in good faith. The belittling of others over different editing choices or mistakes will not be tolerated.
  6. The use of fanart without permission and credit is strictly forbidden, even on profiles or personal pages.
  7. Links to platforms where Akudama Drive can be watched or read illegally are not welcome on the Wiki and will be deleted by admins. Failure to respect that rule multiple times will result in a temporary or definitive block at the admins' discretion.
  8. The use of the Akudama Drive Wiki should be limited to publishing content about Akudama Drive. The use of Wiki content pages to write about unrelated media, or to advertise personal projects, is not allowed.
    1. Personal translation projects, or other such projects related to sharing content about Akudama Drive, may be mentioned on content pages in some cases after discussion with an admin.
    2. Mentions in passing of other media are expected and allowed on Staff pages.
    3. Mentions of other media, personal projects, and links to those on your own profiles are allowed, so long as said profiles aren't being abusively used as advertising hubs; this may mean users will be expected to be editors of the Wiki, or to limit their advertising of personal projects if they are not. Links to unsafe or illegal platforms may be removed and consequently unallowed by admins.

Editing rules and information[edit]

  1. To this day, the Akudama should be mentioned by their name preceded by "the". (Examples: "the [[Courier]]", "the Courier".)
    1. Official translations should not, however, be edited in this manner, as they should be directly cited.
  2. The protagonist's page is named Ordinary Person. This name can be used to link to her page, but can be edited to "Swindler". (Examples: the [[Ordinary Person]], the [[Ordinary Person|Swindler]].)
  3. The {{Stub}} Template should be added to the top of incomplete pages. The {{StubIndicator}} Template should be added inside incomplete parts of the page to highlight them.
  4. The original japanese version of Akudama Drive is considered to be the only canon. Any potential mistakes or additions by the official Funimation or Renta! localizations should be regarded as trivia.
    1. Article contents should, however, be written in American English. Official English translations should be used rather than Japanese text. (Example: Seven-Star Hotel Geisha de Maiko in Funimation's localization was translated to Geisha and Dancing Girls by Renta!. Being that Renta!'s localization uses English for this name, it takes precedence over Funimation's.)
  5. Please make sure to use proper English. Contributions with too many grammar or spelling mistakes could be revoked by admins in the event that they are too much work to edit.
    1. Such mistakes will however not result in a block. On top of that, readers of the Wiki should be aware that it is a fanmade encyclopaedia and a constant Work In Progress and could, as such, not be up to its own standards yet at the time of reading.
  6. As of November 30th, 2021, Director's Cut spoilers are fully allowed on the Wiki.

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