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Welcome to the Akudama Drive Wiki! As a contributor, you may be interested in its User talk pages.

Wiki rules

  • You may use User talk pages to contact any administrator or contributor.
  • Off-topic conversations, meaning conversations that are not about the Wiki, will not be allowed, as they clog "Recent changes" and are difficult to moderate.
    • This means conversations about Akudama Drive will not be allowed, unless they pertain to content the users involved are considering adding to the Wiki.
  • As will be explained below, please sign your messages on User talk pages with ~~~~.
  • You may not harass or intimidate other users of the Wiki.
  • Remember to not share any private information, your own or another individual's, on your profiles or User talk pages.
  • More rules may be added as time goes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ninjan.


How to access User talk pages

User talk pages are pages that can be accessed via User_talk:Your_Username. You can also view them from your User:Your_Username page by clicking "Discussion" or pressing Alt+Shift+T.

Any user can have a User talk page. If it does not exist yet, it will appear as a redlink - it is okay to be the first to create it if you intend on contacting the user in question.

How to reply to someone's message on your User talk page

You can edit your own talk page to reply to another user. In order to differentiate your reply from their message, you can add : in front of your paragraph.

You can increase the amount of : (without spacing them out) with every new reply. When using this, it is recommended that you add potential line breaks with <br> rather than by pressing the Enter key, as the latter will create a new paragraph and break this formatting.

Example :

Hello! Welcome to the Wiki! ~~~~
: Thank you! ~~~~
:: You're welcome! ~~~~


Hello! Welcome to the Wiki! [Username_A]

Thank you! [Username_B]
You're welcome! [Username_A]

How to add your signature to your message

Signatures help indicate who sent a message and when. At the end of your paragraph, please add ~~~~. It will automatically add your username with a link to your own User page and User talk page, along with the time the message was sent.

Example :

Hello! Welcome to the Wiki! ~~~~


Hello! Welcome to the Wiki! Ninjan (talk) 16:48, 25 February 2023 (UTC)

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