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Akudama Drive Comicalize (アクダマドライブコミカライズ, Akudama Doraibu Komikaraizu) is the manga adaptation of Akudama Drive, illustrated by Rokurou Ogaki.

Its first chapter was released on July 6, 2020, ahead from the anime, which was delayed due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, and its last chapter was released on April 25, 2023 in Japan.

It ran for 63 chapters total. As of March 27, 2024, 45 of them have been translated to English.

The manga is available digitally on Renta!'s online store in both Japanese and English.[1]

Official synopsis[edit]

"Long ago, war broke out between the regions of Kanto and Kansai, splitting the country in two. Kansai became a vassal state of Kanto and developed characteristic advancements. However, with the decline of the government and the police force, crime ran rampant. Those criminals are called Akudama.

This crime action story is set in a highly advanced, yet twisted society, and each Akudama has a different method of coping. The individual styles of each Akudama will collide as they finally assemble for one purpose."


Volume 1[edit]

On January 26, 2022, Rokurou Ogaki announced the release of the first digital volume of Akudama Drive Comicalize for Amazon Kindle with some corrections and bonus pages.[2] Released on January 28, it costs ¥660.[3] On January 30, Rokurou Ogaki announced that it had become available on other digital platforms as well[4] for the same price.

Volume 2[edit]

On August 22, 2022, Renta! announced the upcoming release of the second digital volume of Akudama Drive Comicalize on multiple Japanese digital platforms for August 26.[5] Rokurou Ogaki had teased its release 3 days prior, on August 19, by publishing a small version of the cover hidden behind a drawing of the Hoodlum.[6] It released on Amazon Kindle for ¥660.[7]

Volume 3[edit]

On September 26, 2022, Rokurou Ogaki announced the pre-orders for the upcoming release of the third digital volume of Akudama Drive Comicalize on September 30, again costing ¥660.[8][9] He had teased its release the day prior, simultaneously teasing the release of Volume 4 "around October".[10]

Volume 4[edit]

After teasing that the cover of the fourth volume of Akudama Drive Comicalize would portray the Hacker at the time of the third volume's release, on October 25, 2022, Rokurou Ogaki confirmed its near release.[11] It became available on October 27 for the usual price of ¥660.[12]

Volume 5[edit]

On October 28, 2022, Rokurou Ogaki announced that the cover of fifth digital volume of Akudama Drive Comicalize, to come out by the end of November, would portray the Doctor.[13] He confirmed its upcoming release by once again publishing a teaser of the cover, using a drawing of the Hoodlum to hide it.[14] On November 28, he announced its release date: December 2, 2022.[15]

Volume 6[edit]

On December 6, 2022, Rokurou Ogaki published a teaser of the next volume's cover, featuring the Hoodlum, with the same usual drawing of him hiding himself. He stated said volume, Volume 6, to be due to come out in January.[16] On January 16, 2023, he confirmed its release date: January 21.[17][18]

Volume 7[edit]

On December 19, 2022, Rokurou Ogaki ran a poll on Twitter asking users to pick their favorite of 4 sketches for the cover of Volume 7. Option A won after 178 votes.[19] On January 13, he streamed and published images of his drafting, sketching, lining and finally coloring process.[20]

On February 11, 2023, Ogaki announced the upcoming release of Volume 7 by the end of February, and published the usual teaser featuring a drawing of the Hoodlum hiding the illustration.[21] On February 20, Renta! confirmed its release date to be February 25, and published the full cover.[22]

Volume 8[edit]

On February 11, 2023, Rokurou Ogaki announced he had finished drawing the bonus pages for Volume 8, and teased that their contents, as well as the volume's cover illustration, would be a secret.[21] On March 20, 2023, he published a teaser of the cover, hidden by Hoodlum, revealing the characters it depicts to be Brother and Sister.[23] On March 28, 2023, he confirmed its release date to be April 1, and published the full cover.[24]

Volume 9[edit]

On April 11, 2023, Rokurou Ogaki announced he had finished working on the contents of Volume 9, to come out around May, marking the end of his work on Akudama Drive Comicalize. Alongside this announcement, he included a teaser of its cover, a cropped version of the illustration revealing its subject to be the Swindler.[25] On May 22, 2023, Renta! revealed the full cover and announced that Volume 9 was scheduled to come out on May 27.[26]

Miscellaneous information[edit]

Rokurou Ogaki had initially announced the digital release of three volumes before the end of the year in August 2021.[27] He stopped posting on Twitter from September 11 to November 26, when he announced that Akudama Drive Comicalize had been forced to take a break but would be now coming back.[28] (View Trivia)

Such a release has not been announced for the English translation of Akudama Drive Comicalize. At the time of the digital publication of the first volume in Japanese, 24 chapters had been translated to English on Renta!, while the volume publication was initially announced when the manga reached 28 chapters in Japanese. On February 1, 2022, Rokurou Ogaki replied to another user on Twitter that a volume release of the English version of Akudama Drive Comicalize was not in the works, but could come in the future if the demand is high enough. He recommended that this user convey their request to Renta!.[29]

Shikoku Arc[edit]

On March 8, 2023, Rokurou Ogaki confirmed that the story would end on Chapter 61,[30] although on March 20, 2023, he revealed that Chapters 62 and 63 were scheduled on Renta!.[31] Although Ogaki jokingly put it as though he did not know what it meant, writer Kazutaka Kodaka acknowledged it in the same way, confirming this was a genuine teaser.[32]

On March 28, 2023, Ogaki revealed that he would be drawing 72 pages of official additional content supervised by Kazutaka Kodaka and Studio Pierrot, which would include events taking place after the last episode of the anime.[33]


Volume Covers[edit]



  • In December 2020, Rokurou Ogaki put up a poll on his Twitter asking what he should abbreviate the manga's name to. "Akudamanga" (アクダマンガ Akudamanga) won with 49,6% of the votes.[38]
The Boss lunging at the Courier, a scene excluded from the original run of the anime
  • On November 26, 2021, Renta! published an apology on Twitter for a break in the publication of Akudama Drive Comicalize, explaining that their parent company, Papyless, was to blame for this mistake, and confirming that the serialization was about to resume.[39]
  • In his first announcement of an upcoming digital volume publication of Akudama Drive Comicalize on Twitter, Rokurou Ogaki mentioned that a physical version could eventually come out if the digital version sells well.[27]
    • In the thread of his teaser for Volume 9 on April 11, 2023 on Twitter, Ogaki wrote a request for any potential interested publisher to contact Renta!, which only publishes manga digitally, about taking on the rights for a physical version.[40]
  • The manga includes contents from the Director's Cut of the anime.
  • In a post on his pixivFANBOX page, Rokurou Ogaki revealed that it had been decided that the manga would include Shikoku Arc, which takes place after Episode 12 of the anime, long before it was announced.[41]
  • To advertise the release of the first chapter of Shikoku Arc, Rokurou Ogaki put together a trailer with images from its two chapters, which he published on his Twitter.[42]


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