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The Brother (兄, Ani) is a character that appears in Akudama Drive.


The Brother is first discovered by the Akudama inside the vault on the Shinkansen, along with his Sister. He is simultaneously revealed to be the voice behind Black Cat.

He reveals himself to be half of the gift meant to be brought to Kantō, and the person behind the million-yen job given to the Akudama. They are to bring him to a secret location called "001003" underneath Expo Park.

Having been raised at the Kyushu Plant, which had a system allowing it to have infinite money, Brother is able thanks to his professor's overwriting of it's restrictions to offer the Akudama unbelievably large sums of money.[1]




Brother has the appearance of a little boy with black hair and red eyes. He wears a school-like uniform consisting of a black school hat, black and red jacket, black shorts, red stockings and white shoes. On his hat is a metal insignia resembling a coin.


Brother, being the mastermind behind the complicated job given to the Akudama, shows to have a lot of intellect and a certain degree of natural authority. He also had the ability to control and destroy or regenerate the Black Cat.

In Episode 6, it is revealed the Brother has the ability to regenerate through unknown means which allowed him to survive being impaled by Cutthroat. As such, he is described to be immortal.

Notable relationships[edit]


Brother considers Sister his little sister, as she was born under the same conditions he was, and he was raised to believe all the kids like him were his siblings. He is extremely protective of her and wishes her to be freed just like him.

When attacked by the Executioners, Brother sacrifices himself by letting himself be caught, and forces Sister to run away inside the launching rocket along with the Swindler.


Brother seems to be putting a lot of trust in the Swindler, and to believe her lie that she's initially an Akudama. He is confused by, but seems to greatly appreciate, her kind actions towards him and his sister.

When attacked by the Executioners, Brother choses to let the Swindler run away with his sister by forcing the two of them inside the launching rocket, believing that she'll continue to protect her.


Brother apparently has a certain liking for the Courier's work ethic, as he often compliments his will to finish a job without "if"s or "but"s.


Despite the Doctor's animosity towards him and his sister, Brother seems to have no specific opinion of her. The Doctor ends up betraying him and the Akudama, which doesn't appear to be something he had considered.



  • Character designer Cindy Yamauchi revealed on Twitter that the Brother was initially meant to be younger than his sister.[3]



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