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SE7EN is the first episode of Akudama Drive.


As criminals known as Akudama terrorize Kansai, an ordinary citizen gets dragged into danger when her good intentions steer her wrong.


In the cyberpunk metropolis Kansai, an ordinary person working at the Kansai Seal Office just got out from her work. On her way home, she decided to buy stuff for her dinner. While walking, she saw a cat and saved it from being hit by a car, causing a ruckus. After running from the mess, she saw a Takoyaki stall in a back alley in the South Ward of Kansai.

While waiting for her turn, she noticed that the man beside her dropped a 500 yen coin from his pocket. She followed the man to return the dropped coin but the man said that dropped money is bad luck. After tossing his trash, he drove away.

When the vendor gave her the food, she was planning to pay through seal e-payment but the store only accepts cash. She remembered the 500 yen coin dropped by the man but she didn't use it. In the end, the vendor accused her for planning to run and was arrested.

A public execution will be carried out later that evening. After delivering a package in Nishinari warehouse, the Courier received an anonymous mission and a briefcase with a deposit already confirmed. In the South Ward, under overpass of Kansai, the Brawler is standing atop of piled broken police androids, only to face another wave of numerous police androids. After defeating them, he received an anonymous message, provoking him to rescue the Cutthroat as a test of fortitude. In a mixed-use building, the Hacker penetrated the Kansai Central Bank. After getting access to its security, he received an anonymous mission in a form of a game, where the one who rescues Cutthroat will get 10 million yen. In a bus roaming on the North Ward Skies, the Doctor murdered passengers. Afterwards, she received an anonymous message to rescue the Cutthroat for the same amount of yen as the others.

While being interrogated, the ordinary person was called a swindler for what happened in the Takoyaki stall. Moments later, a part of a police robot crushed inside the police station. Brawler is battling the robots outside the precinct, causing a disarray. The ordinary person saw a cat roaming around the chaos, then chased her. The Hacker and Doctor used the chaos as an advantage to enter the police station. The Courier irked the Brawler while entering the station, causing the latter to enter the station as well.

The chief police was alarmed by the ruckus and further shocked when the security system is infiltrated by the Hacker, making the execution earlier than expected. The Courier and Brawler met in the Central Elevator Hall of the police station. During their duel, the Doctor released a gas that can suffocate even an elephant. However, it didn't work on the Brawler and he flung the Doctor on the ceiling, destroying the floor where the Hacker is staying. The Hacker then threatened the Brawler and Courier with his plasma shooting drones. Doctor joined the confrontation, revealing that she already stitched her wounds after being tossed.

During the encounter, the ordinary person finally took hold of the cat she chased. Caught up in the middle of the confrontation, she was questioned about her identity. Threatened to be killed, she pretended to be a criminal called "Swindler" and claimed that she is not listed in the Akudama records because she managed to trick it. After the confrontation, the Hacker's system was overridden and a tank came out from the elevator.

The missiles from the tank caused the floor to collapse and made them fall to the underground prison. After being freed because of the chaos, Hoodlum decided to join the mission after hearing about the reward money. The execution is interrupted by the battle of the Akudama and the tank. The Chief ordered the police to drop the guillotine on the Cutthroat but the police is too frightened by the situation. The whole place became a mess and the Akudama are on the brink of defeat. Swindler became hopeless but she saw hope after looking at the 500 yen she's been holding on the entire evening. Insistent in returning the money, she planned on rescuing the Courier by distracting the tank. After shooting fire towards Swindler and Hoodlum, the missile shot something that backfired to the tank.

The tank was destroyed but the Courier said that he won't be thanking Swindler. The chief scolded the Akudama but his head was sliced by Cutthroat, who managed to escape the guillotine. Courier handed the briefcase he got earlier to the Cutthroat. All of a sudden, the Cutthroat installed bomb necklaces on the Akudama, including the Swindler and Hoodlum, who are not originally part of the rescue. The cat let out a loud cry that gained everyone's attention. The cat talked and confirmed that everyone is present.



  • The title of the episode, SE7EN, along with its themes, are a reference to its namesake, SE7EN, directed by David Fincher.
    • In the episode, the Akudama are instructed to go after the Cutthroat, a serial killer, in order to save him, while SE7EN protagonists Pitt and Freeman are instructed to track down a serial killer in order to arrest him. The main antagonist of SE7EN is revealed to be diagnosed with psychopathy, a trait which the Cutthroat is believed to share.
      • At the end of SE7EN, a man presents himself to the protagonists and the antagonist with orders to deliver them a box. Similarly, at the end of the episode, the Courier reveals himself to have been tasked with delivering a box to the Cutthroat.


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