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RESERVOIR DOGS is the second episode of Akudama Drive.


The Akudama learn from the plan’s mastermind just how risky and troublesome it will be. As if things weren’t bad enough, trouble comes looking for them first.


The Black Cat compliments the capabilities of the Akudama in freeing the Cutthroat from his execution. The Brawler asks whether the Swindler is controlling the cat, and she denies it, truthfully stating that the cat talked by itself. The Hacker successfully identifies the cat as a robot judging from its voice.

It reveals to all of the Akudama that they part of a plan. The Hoodlum and the Ordinary Person ask it to disable their collars, but their request is denied. Even though the Hoodlum’s and the Ordinary Person’s participation weren’t accounted for, the cat tells them that their presence in the present moment showed their abilities, keeping both of them involved in its plans.

All of the Akudama are rewarded for their success in rescuing the Cutthroat, being given 100 million yen. The cat later reveals that there is another task to be done after the Doctor asked it a question regarding any succeeding tasks. The cat orders them all to attack the Shinkansen which shocks the Hoodlum and the Swindler while exciting the rest of them. The Courier asks the cat about how much they would be rewarded, and the cat responds that they would be given 1 billion yen for success.

After a change in location as a result of people hearing their voices to an area, the Brawler complains that the train is not arriving fast enough. He then jumps up and break into the train on his own, throwing the driver out of it. He figures out how to drive it in a few seconds after. All of the Akudama and the black cat board the train.

The Hoodlum compliments the Brawler regarding the latter’s strength, and though the Brawler takes it at face value, the Hoodlum's behavior implies he may be trying to ensure his safety. The Brawler asks the Hoodlum about his criminal charges, and he lies that he was sentenced to 500 million years, tricking the Brawler into respecting him. The Hoodlum, however, does not state the crime he committed and vaguely states that it was far worse than raiding the Shinkansen.

The Cutthroat observes out into the window, looking at red lights outside in the city. He then begins walking around the train, pushing any red button in excitement while chanting the color’s name. Lastly, he pushes the emergency button, causing the train to speed up to maximum speed. Swindler asks if anyone knows where the Shinkansen is heading, to which the Hacker silently shrugs. She yells in horror with the Hoodlum as the Shinkansen crashes in the hotel "Geisha and Dancing Girls".

After the crash, all of the Akudama remain uninjured. The Hoodlum and the Brawler interact again, with the former praising the latter for him emerging unaffected by the crash and even happy. The Swindler then walks after getting up, but trips, at which point the Cutthroat picks her up, and they talk to each other.

After looking at her, the Cutthroat tells her that he likes pink as well, stating it comes from red and white. He immediately shows his liking for her and states that he "would not give her to anyone", putting her in an uncomfortable situation. The cat says that despite things not going to plan, what matters more is making time. After the Hoodlum, and the Brawler share a conversation about the rooms in the hotel, robots begin firing lasers at them and the Doctor eggs him on to get rid of them. Meanwhile, it is revealed that two Executioners from the Execution Division are being sent to the area.

After the off-screen destruction of the attackers, the Swindler sits with blood on her right cheek and the Cutthroat licks it off, catching her off-guard. In response to her surprise, he states that if she kept blood on herself, she wouldn’t be as pretty.

Later, the cat tells the Akudama about their next task. It explains that the Shinkansen is the only transport that connects Kanto and Kansai, aiming to steal the cargo being transported. The cat also explains that the cargo to be stolen is a vault, but it refuses to clarify on what is stored inside. The cat additionally states that the Kansai gate is very secure, much like in the Kansai Central Information Bureau. The Swindler suddenly states that she "went there a lot", later realizing that she had made herself less trustworthy and more suspicious to the other real Akudama.

The cat continues talking about the plan. As the Kansai gate has no windows nor doors, the only true way to enter would be from inside the train, but there would also be a photon shield seeking to incinerate anything that goes inside which is not registered for transport. The Hacker would not be able to hack into the shield as well, due to the fact that the Shinkansen is completely blocked off from any other network.

The cat says that after 10 minutes, the Shinkansen would enter the Absolute Quarantine Zone, the area left after Kanto dropping a nuke on Kansai, characterized by polluted air and constant thunderstorms. Because of the external environment in the Absolute Quarantine Zone, everyone in the train must not go outside at all as they enter until they exit the zone.

The Courier asks the cat where they should transport the cargo, but the cat responds that that will be told later. The Akudama, except for the Swindler who doesn’t get to finish her sentence, accept the terms that they are placed in, provided that they would be paid a billion. Right after that, two executioners appear - The Apprentice and the Master, and a fight happens. The Hacker breaks a window and gets out, meanwhile the Swindler and the Hoodlum are left to sit and watch as the others fight with the executioners. The Cutthroat is defenestrated, and the Courier is kicked into a wall by the Master, meanwhile the Apprentice battles the Brawler. The Apprentice, after getting out her energy sword, wounds his arm, but then the Doctor lunges at her. The Apprentice quickly responds with seemingly slitting her neck with the sword, supposedly killing her as she falls.

Then, the Apprentice realizes that the Hoodlum’s sentence is just a comparatively negligible 4 years. The Swindler throws a brick at her (and misses), making her run her through a criminal database and realize she is not a criminal at all. Unfortunately for the Swindler, the Hoodlum runs up to her and convinces the Apprentice she hacked into the database to erase her criminal record.

The scene cuts to the Courier pushed to a wall by the Master, and he attempts to shoot the Master but ends up wounding the Apprentice instead, making the Master punch him more. The Brawler then tries to ambush the Master, but he fails as the Master overpowers him. Thankfully for him, the Courier gets control over his motorcycle and causes an explosion which lets the Akudama escape.

In the next scene, the Akudama and the black cat sit by a fire, including the Doctor who reveals she didn’t die, as she was able to heal her wounds. The Swindler appears to be relieved that she survived, but visibly shaken and distraught. The Brawler states his excitement for meeting the executioners again and fighting, which the Hoodlum encourages. The cat states that a plan must be made, and requests the Swindler’s participation, which she nervously refuses saying that they would face less difficulties without her. Before the end of the episode, the Courier says that facing problems is inevitable.



  • The title of the episode, RESERVOIR DOGS, along with its themes, are a reference to its namesake, Reservoir Dogs, directed by Quentin Tarantino.
    • In the episode, the Akudama are instructed to carry out a heist. Similarly, Reservoir Dogs protagonists Joe Cabot, Nice Guy Eddie, Mr. Brown, Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Pink are to carry out a diamond heist.


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