Episode 3

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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is the third episode of Akudama Drive.


When the infiltration doesn’t go as expected and they’re running out of time, the group will have to improvise to pull off the ultimate heist.


The Akudama finally reach the hideout of the "Black Cat". He describes their mission again: to break through the strict security of Kansai Station and attack the Shinkansen within a limited time. The Swindler drowns in the face of the reality that she is becoming a real "Akudama" - moreover, this mission seems too complicated...



  • The title of the episode, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, along with its themes, are a reference to its namesake, Mission: Impossible, directed by Brian De Palma.
    • In the episode, the Akudama's mission doesn't go as expected. Similarly, Mission: Impossible protagonist Ethan Hunt's mission unexpectedly fails.


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