Episode 5

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DEAD MAN WALKING is the fifth episode of Akudama Drive.


As the Executioners deal with the aftermath of their failure, the Akudama take a break to recuperate and finally find out their destination.


The two children reveal themselves as the masterminds behind the Black Cat and its mission, and reveal that it is not over: the Akudama still need to bring them back to Kansai, with the promise of duplicate the amount of money they originally earned. While Hacker decides to leave the group having removed the bomb necklace from his own neck, the rest of the Akudama decide to continue working together. As they wait to continue their mission, the Doctor attempts to question the children, but is forced to stop by the Swindler, who calls her a bully. Meanwhile, the Execution Division Master and his Apprentice try to continue their job despite their wounds.



  • The title of the episode, DEAD MAN WALKING, along with its themes, are a reference to its namesake, Dead Man Walking (1995), directed by Tim Robbins, itself an adaptation of Dead Man Walking (1993), a non-fiction novel written by Helen Prejean.
  • The Cutthroat, while bathing under the rain, sings a popular nursery rhyme named あめふり Amefuri. Selected as one of the Top 100 best nursery rhymes in Japan in 2007, it tells story of a kid whose mother came to give them their umbrella, but they notice another kid struggling without one, so they decide to share theirs.


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