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The Execution Division Master (処刑課師匠, Shokeika Shisho) is a character that appears in Akudama Drive.


A veteran of the Kansai Police Execution Division with the designation of No. 658. He has a strong sense of justice, but always remains calm and collected at the scene. He sees his past self in his young disciple, the Execution Division Apprentice, who is passionate about her work.[2]

Back when he was still someone's apprentice, the Master received a wound to his left cheek during a battle against a powerful Akudama in the course of which, having gotten too immersed in the fun of the fight, he also lost his own master.[3]


The Execution Division Master is a tall man who wears a white military uniform with a black mask that covers his mouth and nose. Underneath this mask, he has a scar across his left cheek. He has blue eyes and asymmetrical grey hair with a longer fringe over the right side of his face. He carries his energy sword on the left side of his uniform when not in use.


The Execution Division Master kills with brutal efficiency and no mercy. He is highly confident his abilities. When he speaks, it is usually to give orders to his apprentice or to make witty remarks directed at the Akudama he is fighting, convinced he will win. His relationship to his apprentice shows him to be a strict man, though he always jumps to save her when she is in danger and is ultimately forgiving of her shortcomings.

Underneath the mask, he is secretly extremely keen on fighting and struggles to stop himself once he gets immersed in a brawl, to the point of putting his own life in danger, as well possibly those of his allies.[3][4]


Akudama Drive Comicalize[edit]

After failing to stop the Akudama from boarding the Shinkansen, the Apprentice faints and remembers her first encounter with the Master in a dream.

Told by the Boss to introduce herself, the Apprentice claims to have been looking up to the Master for a long time. Uninterested, he claims that he "does not need an Apprentice", but the Boss reminds him that the Execution Division has a two-person rule, regardless of his lone-wolf code. Grabbing at his mask, he asks if she is "still referring to his old wounds", to which the Boss claims that "those who injure [the Execution Division] are part of an organization with blood on their hands."

After a moment of hesitation, he turns to the Apprentice to question her. He instructs her to "take direct action" rather than to only "try" and claims that if she slows him down even a little bit, he will kill her.[5]

Akudama Drive[edit]

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Notable relationships[edit]

His former master[edit]

Little is known about the Master's former duo except for the fact that he lost them during the same fight in which he received the wound on his cheek. It is possible that his being too engrossed in the fight caused him to be responsible for his master's death.[3]

Execution Division Apprentice[edit]

Initially uninterested in having an apprentice, pushed to take her in by the Boss, the Master immediately claims that if she is to slow him down even a little bit, he will kill her.[5] When the two of them are first introduced, he lets her fight the Akudama alone and only intervenes when the Cutthroat attacks her by surprise.[6] He is usually strict and he makes use of his authority as her master, but he protects usually her from danger and reveals himself more patient than he had claimed he would be.

Her passionate attitude towards their work causes him to view her as a shadow of his former self.[2]

Although he ran off in secret to fight alone knowing he was putting himself in danger, when she finds him dying on the Old Kansai Bridge, he utters his last words to her and hands her his sword. His react of shock followed by acceptance when he hears her call his name implies he understood what his death would mean to her.[4]


The Master obeys the Boss and keeps a professional front in her presence. His reaction of feeling called out when she points out his "lone wolf code" as she introduces him to his Apprentice implies they both understand that his "old wounds" were caused by his refusal to act appropriately in a duo.[5]


The best fighter among the Akudama, the Brawler duels the Master directly multiple times. Despite being at odds, the two of them have an obvious similarity in that they both possess an immense desire to fight. When the Master comes back to fight the group on his own, he ends up fighting the Brawler one-on-one again and stops holding back. When the Brawler tells him that the reason he does this is that he loves it, hearing his Apprentice call out his name snaps the Master out of his daze and makes him note that he hates people like him the most. Regardless, they both turn around for more and wind up killing the other.[4]


The Master is a highly skilled fighter who outclasses his apprentice and is able to keep up to the extremely strong Brawler. His calm demeanor allows him to think through tough situations under pressure. He is a master of sword-fighting, but he is also able to use his bare hands to block attacks and to hit his opponents. During his fights against the Courier, he notably showcases his ability to dodge gunshots and to overpower him without a weapon.



  • Renta! hosted a popularity poll in December 2020, in which the Master ranked 7th with 1150 votes to his name.[8]
  • During a Q&A hosted by the official Akudama Drive Twitter account in December 2020, Scenario Writer Kazutaka Kodaka revealed that the Master received his scar during a battle in which he "got too immersed in the fun of the fight", meaning that him removing his mask to expose it symbolizes that he is returning to how he acted back then.[3]
  • His original code name in Japanese, 師匠 Shishō, literally translates to "master" or "mentor".
    • While Funimation's subtitles use the translation "Master" to refer to him, officially licensed merch has shown to use the term "High Executioner" instead.[9]



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