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I'm sick and tired of living in this boring-ass world. I'm taking this chance, even if it costs my life.

— Episode 5 - Dead Man Walking

The Hacker (ハッカー Hakkā) is a main character in Akudama Drive.


The Hacker is a notorious young cyber-terrorist who hacks high-security systems for his own entertainment. His skill with technology is prodigious - hacking into governments and private banks are merely light challenges for him.


The Hacker is more excited the more difficult something is, and disregards things that do not interest him.[2] He is blunt and willing to let the others deal with fights that don't involve his skills.

Inside, the Hacker is deeply bored and dissatisfied with his life in Kansai. His motivation for participating in the Shinkansen heist was his desire to escape to Kanto, where he believed he would finally experience a lasting sense of excitement.

Disappointed by the truth behind Kanto, the Hacker is willing to fight against it by helping his former allies once again. Despite his cold attitude, he is willing to die to attain his goal, and leaves the Swindler an important parting gift.


The Hacker has a short and slim figure. He has light skin, blue eyes and unruly blond hair.

He wears a blue cap on his head and a black eye patch on his left eye, both with circular neon highlights. He wears a blue jacket with a white turtleneck underneath, black pants, and calf-length boots.



Not much is known about the Hacker's past other than him being the youngest Akudama on the most wanted list, who earned an estimated sentence of 589 years, making him one of the most wanted Akudama in Kansai.

The Black Cat[edit]

Before meeting the other Akudama at the Central Elevator Hall, the Hacker, having received a request to rescue the Cutthroat from his execution with a total reward of ¥100,000,000, tried to hack the third-tightest security place in all of Kansai, the Kansai Central Bank inside a Mixed-Use Building, to test his hacking skill as a mere hobby. As he arrived outside the Police Station with his drones, he found the Brawler, and took advantage of his distraction to sneak inside the control room and take over the security's protocol. Later, he met the Doctor, Courier, along with the Brawler once again after falling from the ceiling over which he had been hiding, as the Brawler had destroyed it by launching the Doctor in the air. As he was unsuccessfully attempting to threaten the group with his drone's plasma lasers, he met an Ordinary Person with a Black Cat who, as the Hacker could not find her in the Akudama list and all four were threatening to kill her, falsely introduced herself as the "Swindler". She claimed to have tricked the list, which the Hacker found impressive.

Once the five of them had met up, the Hacker's hacking was overridden and a tank came out firing missiles from the Central Elevator Hall, causing the floor to collapse to the underground prison where they ran into another Akudama, the Hoodlum, a lower-class criminal who heard about their mission to interrupt the Cutthroat's execution in exchange for a ridiculously large sum of money and decided to join them. Arriving at the location of the public execution in the underground, while everyone fought the tank robot, the Hacker took advantage of the confusion to try to steal the Cutthroat for himself before Courier knocked down the ceiling, forcing everyone to take part in the fight.

Shinkansen Raid[edit]

Once the execution was successfully interrupted and as everyone was finally safe, the Courier revealed himself to have a different mission: to deliver a strange case to the Cutthroat. The latter gladly opened it, and suddenly bomb necklaces had been installed around all the present Akudama's necks, including the Hacker's. The Black Cat that had been rescued by the Swindler began to talk, revealing itself to be a robot controlled by an anonymous mastermind who planned to force the Akudama to participate in a raid at the Shinkansen, a sacred place found in Kansai to test them and see everyone's potential during this first phase of their plan. The mastermind proceeded, as they had completed the first part of their mission, to pay the Hacker along with the rest of the group a total of ¥100,000,000 each, sent to their seal e-payment, claiming that if the group successfully raided the Shinkansen they would get a total of ¥1,000,000,000.

Outside the underground station, the Hacker and Brawler stole a flying bus to initiate their plan. Onboard, the Hacker started to fly the bus, which he complained had too primitive a system. Inside the bus, the Cutthroat, revealing a strong liking of anything red, pressed all the red emergency buttons, causing the bus to gain maximum speed and crash on Seven-Star Hotel Geisha and Dancing Girls.

Considering the hotel a proper hideout, the Black Cat revealed the details of its plan to the Akudama. The mastermind intended to "steal" cargo from the Kyushu Plant, currently at the Kansai station to be transported to Kanto. As they discussed the plan, two Executioners arrived at their room and began to fight the Akudama. Not wanting to get caught up and die, the Hacker left right away by jumping out the window with the Black Cat, and hid at the Abandoned Factory to later meet up with the others. At the factory, farther down the mission, along with the Swindler and Cutthroat, he was assigned to push a button located upstairs to reach Kanto. He was then to use his hacking skills throughout the way, in order to allow the group to move forward.

Initiating phase two, the Hacker and the rest headed to their positions after successfully infiltrating the place and hacked the security system to reach the top floor of the station, only to find a barrier blocking their way, stopping them from going any further. To get through the barrier, Cutthroat threw his knives and had them push each other all the way through, but eventually ran out of them. In a panic, the Swindler stole one of Hacker's drones to push the knives one last time, managing to press the button and break the barrier. Arriving at the top floor, Hacker was tasked to disable the plasma field inside the Shinkansen to help everyone rush on board and complete the invasion at the Station. However, before even initiating his modified data, Brawler recklessly pushed the machine that would help them disable the barrier and allow the Hacker to get inside the box without getting turned into dust. Because of that, only someone lighter than him would allow them to progress their mission. The Swindler, claiming to be lighter, got inside the cargo despite the risk of being disintegrated, were it categorized as too heavy. Having successfully gone through, the Swindler allowed the group to get inside and continue forward.

Inside the cargo train, the group once again encountered the two Executioners, trying to stop them one last time. As the others fought, the Hacker, Swindler and Black Cat continued to push forward. In the Security Room, the Hacker tried to open the doors only to encounter a robot at the end, guarding the final Cargo room, which the Courier stopped with his bike. Finally, they reached the Vault car, at which point the Black Cat disintegrated, leaving them with a key. They used it to open the Vault, in which they found two children, a brother and a sister, as such completing the second phase.

Trapped in Kanto[edit]

The Akudama successfully finished the Shinkansen Raid and rescued the two children known as Brother and Sister, who revealed themselves to be the masterminds behind the Black Cat. The siblings made another request to deliver them to Kansai and promised to double the amount of money intended. As the group was leaving the Absolute Quarantine Zone, inside which the Shinkansen had stopped, the Hacker decided to stay behind and instead go to Kanto, as he had always dreamed of going there to discover new things, believing he had already surpassed everything Kansai had to offer. The Swindler was upset that he could potentially die, and as thanks for her help, the Hacker decided to gift her his drone, which she promised to return someday.

It was later revealed that after arriving to Kanto, the Hacker got trapped inside the Quantum Supercomputer. However, with his hacking skills, he was able to protect his mind data before getting taken by Kanto's true form, allowing him to live inside it but be able to travel freely to the drone the Swindler kept on her backpack.

Later, while the Swindler and Courier were inside Shinkansen trying to rescue the Brother, both of their minds were taken under the effect of the Decontamination Zone. The Hacker managed to get in contact with them and bring their minds back to reality thanks to the ¥500 coin, which the two had memories of in common. Once the two were awake, the Hacker's drone reactivated from Swindler's backpack and explained Kanto's brainwashing system, the Decontamination Zone, and helped them get to Brother and Sister whose bodies and mind were trapped inside the Quantum Supercomputer. The Swindler, desperate, tried to jump to them, but was immediately pushed away by Kanto's protective barrier. The Hacker, claiming with a smile that all of them were nothing but selfish, decided to come to her aid by attempting to reach the children from inside the Quantum Supercomputer, allowing the Swindler to reach them from the outside, sacrificing his data in the process and successfully rescuing them.


Having successfully rescued the Brother and Sister, the Hacker gifted the Swindler a "Gift of the Afterlife". She laughed, saying that such a gift was meant for people who were passing away, but the Hacker stopped responding to her, having spent the last of his energy and corrupted his data by reaching through Kanto's firewall to free the children.

Thanks to his "gift", the Swindler was later able to broadcast her execution to the entirety of Kansai, resulting in an uproar from the citizens opposing police violence. When its countdown came to an end, the power inside Kansai went out, giving the Courier a chance to destroy the weaponized airplane that was going after the Brother and Sister, as it was simultaneously shut down.

Notable relationships[edit]

Ordinary Person[edit]

The Swindler is the only person with whom Hacker appears to feel comfortable and has friendly interactions with, though he may disagree with some of her optimistic opinions and nature. Though the Swindler tried to understand his intentions, he would frequently brush her off. Regardless, Hacker most likely enjoyed the Swindler's company enough to selflessly help her and the Courier later on when they were in danger of being assimilated into Kanto.

When he announced his departure from the team, the Swindler showed concern for him and felt upset. Because of this, he gave her one of his drones as a parting gift, recalling that she said once she wanted one. The Swindler accepted it and declared that they would see each other again. She promised to return it to him soon, at which he smiled and wished her luck. Upon his death, he left her with another important parting gift, which implied he understood her well enough to have already foreseen her future goals.


Hacking skills: Befitting of his name, the Hacker can break through any security system and firewall. He easily hacked the third-tightest security place in all of Kansai, the Kansai Central Bank inside a Mixed-Use Building. He even managed to hack the Quantum supercomputer of Kanto however his soul data got damaged in the process and he ended up dying as a result.

Multitasking and superhuman reflexes: The Hacker can control multiple drones at the same time and pay attention to multiple monitors simultaneously. He can type on the keyboard with immense speed, allowing him to break through most security systems in seconds.

Drones: The Hacker has multiple drones with him at all times and he can control multiple of them at once. They contain plasma lasers, can create holograms and are powerful enough to carry a person making them Hacker's primary weapon and form of transport.

Virtual body: After arriving to Kanto, the Hacker got trapped inside the Quantum Supercomputer. However, with his hacking skills, he was able to protect his mind data before getting taken by Kanto's true form, allowing him to live inside and continue to interact with the outside thanks to his drones.



  • He likes ゼリー, which stands for jelly, and can refer to either gelatin desserts or a type of healthy drink popular in Japan.
  • He is the youngest known Akudama, as well as the only minor among the main characters.
  • Renta! hosted a popularity poll in December 2020, in which Hacker ranked 3rd with 2166 votes to his name.[4]
  • His Japanese name, ハッカー Hakkā, literally translates to "hacker".
    • The Japanese word ハッカー hakkā is directly derived from the English word "hacker".
    • He is, along with the Doctor, one of the only two characters whose name's literal translation corresponds exactly to that of Funimation.



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