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The Execution Division Junior (処刑課後輩 Shokeika kōhai) is a character that appears in Akudama Drive.


A newcomer to the Kansai Police Execution Division, paired with the (former) Execution Division Apprentice. He has a strong feeling of justice, but he is afraid of the Akudama. He's a very modest type of person. [...][2]

Following the death of Execution Division Master, the Junior is to replace him as his former Apprentice's duo. He becomes her apprentice despite her unwillingness to work in a pair again.



The Junior wears the Execution Division uniform, composed of a white military-like costume with black hems and buttons, a red belt and black shoes. He has blue eyes and sports a blonde bowl cut. He also carries an energy sword for him to use against the Akudama.


A newcomer to the Execution Division, the Junior appears to be inexperienced in combat, although he is assumed to have undergone solid training. Fearing the arrival of Akudama, he draws out his sword, but appears to be very nervous.

The Junior, due to his duo's, the Execution Division Apprentice, orders to let her do all and any work, never partakes in a fight. Immediately struck by the Doctor during their confrontation, he reveals himself to be able to stay calm and still despite his life being in danger, which undoubtedly scares him.


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Notable relationships[edit]

Execution Division Apprentice[edit]

The Apprentice rejects her Junior, as she doesn't wish to work in a duo following her Master's death, however, that doesn't appear to bother him. Forced to work on her side, he is very respectful of her and appears to trust her.



  • His favourite food is salmon onigiri.[1]
  • On April 3rd, 2021, Scenario Writer Kazutaka Kodaka posted a Tweet[5] complimenting the upcoming Director's Cut version of the last episode, to come out with the last Blu-Ray & DVD on May 28th. In order to hype up its contents regarding the Execution Division, he included a low-resolution sneak peek of a scene involving the Junior and the Apprentice.
    • This scene turned out to be a follow up of the Shinkansen's destruction, in which the Boss called the Apprentice.



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