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I've gotta see this through to the end. I have nowhere to run. This is all I have left. This is the only place I belong.

— Episode 8 - Black Rain

The Ordinary Person (一般人 Ippanjin), soon to become the Swindler (詐欺師 Sagi-shi) is the protagonist of Akudama Drive.


The Swindler was a regular girl. She was leading a simple life until a series of misfortunes got her involved with the Akudama. She is currently "impersonating" being an Akudama called Swindler who claims she wasn’t registered in the Kansai Central Information Bureau because she “erased it” leading them to believe she is an extremely capable and talented Akudama/Swindler.[1]


The Swindler is a young woman with a youthful appearance who wears a short-sleeved pink and white striped dress with long black fingerless gloves that reaches above her elbows, a light blue bracelet on her left wrist, pink shoes that expose her toes and calves and black thigh-high socks. She has shoulder length black hair that appears to subtly curve outwards and pink streaks on her bangs. She also wears a black choker on her neck.

In Episode 8, the Swindler cuts her hair very short, including her bangs. Its pink streaks still appear, however, in a slightly messier fashion. In Episode 9, she is seen wearing a new outfit which consists of a tight black sweater underneath which she wears a white t-shirt only visible by its collar, a blue jacket with short puffy sleeves, white buttons with red and black streaks detailing its collar and center, black shorts and high black boots with blue platforms. She continues to wear a light blue bracelet around her left wrist, and also wears a large white belt on top of her sweater, around her hips.

She usually carries a small light blue backpack.

In Chapter 52 of the manga adaptation, a younger Swindler appears in a flashback wearing a typical Japanese school uniform. Initially sporting her regular long hairdo, she changes her hair for a short bob and dyes strands of her bangs pink for the first time, inspired by a school friend.


The Swindler is the type of person to push forward no matter what. Even under pressure, albeit often flustered, she has a tendency to take risks, if she feels like that is what is right for her to do. Very compassionate, she is protective of others, even of people she just met. With this fast thinking and improvisation skills being her main contribution in finishing their "job" smoothly when she and the other six Akudama got into tight situations.

An "ordinary person", the Swindler differentiates herself from the other Akudama by her sensibility and tendency to seek for, and attempt to share comfort. She appears to be somewhat naïve, as she struggles to understand the reasoning of criminals and assess the corrupted world they live in due to her being an ordinary person.

As seen during her "job", the "Swindler" was shown to regularly panic and was easily flustered by the violence and life threatening situations she found herself in as she tried to stay alive and avoid being killed herself and would frequently panic and overexaggerate herself in order to try and keep calm.

However after the events of her "job" with the other six high ranked Akudama's and being left to care for and becoming close to the Sister and her brother, she has begun displaying a more willingness to kill and use underhanded methods in order to protect them. This is seen where she was willing to kill several human traffickers/ organ thieves in order to protect the Sister and was later willing to use her influence as a S-ranked Akudama and immense infamy in order to cause wide scale chaos, panic, death and destruction in Kansai in order to create an opportunity to save the Brother. Later, she herself stated that she has now begun to actively enjoy her newfound infamy. This shows that she had now begun liking her new status as an Akudama and accepted her situation.

Upon being confronted by Cutthroat who desired to kill her, Swindler has shown to have begun displaying a more intelligent and calm headed disposition when dealing with life threatening situations, as seen where she had successfully planned a trap to finish off Cutthroat.



The Swindler is an ordinary citizen who was born in an ordinary house and lives a normal life in Kansai. She used to live in what appears to be a small department in Kansai with her bedroom and a small kitchen with a table. Before becoming an Akudama, she worked at the Kansai Seal Office.

The ¥500 Coin[edit]

A ¥500 coin dropped by the Courier.

One day after leaving work, she decides to stop at a Takoyaki stand where she meets a young man with a bike who accidentally drops ¥500 coin when paying. Following the young man, she wanted to return the dropped coin but failed to as he replies that dropped money is bad luck.

After losing the young man, her takoyaki was ready. As she was about to pay, the takoyaki vendor told her that she only accepted cash. The ordinary person realized all she had was the ¥500 coin she had just picked up, but she refused to pay with it, cueing the vendor to immediately call the police on her, getting her arrested.

The Black Cat[edit]

At the station, she was being interrogated by a police robot, who accused her of being a Swindler for what happened in the Takoyaki stall. As she was being interrogated, an Akudama known as the Brawler caused disarray at the station and ended up crushing the robot. At this point, the ordinary person noticed a cat roaming around inside the station and decided to follow it as she thought it was very dangerous for a cat to be here.

After following it around, as she finally catches the cat, the ordinary person realizes that she is not alone, as a Doctor, a Hacker and the young man with a bike are fighting inside the police station. In the middle of the confrontation, she was questioned about her identity by the three Akudama who threatened to kill her. Remembering what the robot said, she adopts the Akudama name Swindler, pretending to be a high-class criminal who managed to trick the system, making her indifferentiable from an ordinary person.

After she revealed herself as the Swindler, a tank came out firing missiles from the Central Elevator Hall causing the floor to collapse in the underground prison where they meet another Akudama, the Hoodlum, a lower-class criminal who heard about the Doctor, Hacker and Courier's mission to interrupt the Cutthroat's execution in exchange for a ridiculously large sum of money and immediately decided to follow them. Indeed, the highest-ranking Akudama in the city, the Cutthroat, was to be publicly executed that day, which the other Akudama manage to stop. Although the Swindler was afraid, unable to do anything the entire time, she suddenly decided to save the Courier from certain death when she remembered the ¥500 coin, distracting the tank with the Hoodlum to give him a chance to strike back.

Shinkansen Raid[edit]

As the execution was over and everyone was finally safe, the Courier revealed himself to have a different mission: to deliver a strange case to the Cutthroat. The latter gladly opened it, and suddenly bomb necklaces had been installed around all the present Akudama's necks, including the Swindler's. The Black cat that had been rescued by the Swindler began to talk, standing on her head. It revealed itself to be a robot controlled by an anonymous mastermind who planned to force the Akudama to participate in a raid at the Shinkansen, a sacred place found in Kansai in order to test them and see everyone's potential during this first phase of their plan. The mastermind proceeded, as they had completed the first part of their mission, to pay the Swindler along with the rest of the group a total of ¥100,000,000 each, sent to their seal e-payment, claiming that if the group successfully raided Shinkansen they would get a total of ¥1,000,000,000. The mastermind originally did not intend the Swindler and Hoodlum to participate but decided to make them participate as they showed to possess helpful abilities.

With the help of the Brawler and Hacker, they successfully boarded a flying bus to initiate their plan. Inside the bus, the Cutthroat, revealing a strong liking of anything red, pressed all the red emergency buttons, causing the bus to gain max speed and crash on Seven Star Hotel Geisha and Dancing Girls. The Swindler panicked, but survived the crash, at which point the Cutthroat formally introduced himself to her and suddenly became overly attached to her at first glance.

Considering the hotel a proper hideout, the Black Cat revealed the details of its plan to the Akudama. The mastermind intended to "steal" cargo from the Kyushu Plant, currently at the Kansai station to be transported to Kanto. As they discussed the plan, two Executioners arrived to their room and began to fight the Akudama. Afraid of the Executioners, the Swindler and Hoodlum hid behind the couch. After the Execution Division Apprentice defeated both the Brawler and Doctor, she found the two behind the couch. The Hoodlum immediately tried running away from her, as the Swindler tried to distract the Apprentice, only to end up being found to have a 0 Year sentence. The Apprentice assumed she was an ordinary person at first, but the Hoodlum exclaimed that she had tampered with the system and was actually a Swindler, which the Apprentice believed. Thanks to the Courier's attempt to aim at the Apprentice to distract the Execution Division Master, with whom he was fighting, and as the other Akudama turned out to be alive, the group successfully escaped the Executioners and hid at the Abandoned Factory. The Swindler is shocked to have escaped alive, but the Black Cat decided to make her responsible to infiltrate the Station nonetheless, as she accidentally revealed she had been there numerous times before. Farther down the mission, along with the Hacker and Cutthroat, she was to push a button located upstairs in order to reach Kanto.

Initiating phase two, the Swindler disguised herself as a Billiken Transport employee in order to get through the gate. Having allowed her group to get inside, they head upstairs. Arriving at the elevator station, a barrier blocking the way stops them from going any further.

In order to get through the barrier, the Swindler encouraged the Cutthroat to throw his knives and have them push each other all the way through, but he eventually ran out. In a panic, she stole one of the Hacker's drones to push the knives one last time, managing to press the button and break the barrier. The three of them proceeded to the elevator, where they met with the rest of the group and got up to the top floor, where the Shinkansen is located.

As someone needed to infiltrate the Shinkansen by getting inside the cargo, the Swindler insisted she must be lighter than the Hacker and took it upon herself to risk being disintegrated, were the cargo to be categorized as too heavy. She survived, and continued with the plan, opening the door to let the Courier in. The plan is successful, and all Akudama got in and departed.

Inside the cargo train, the group once again encountered the two Executioners, trying to stop them one last time. As the others fought, the Swindler, the Hacker and Black Cat continued to push forward. In the Security Room, they encountered a robot that guarded the final Cargo room, which the Courier stopped with his bike. Finally, they reached the Vault car, at which point the Black Cat disintegrate, leaving them with a key. They used it to open the Vault, in which they find two children, a brother and a sister, as such successfully completing the second phase.

Expo Park Escape[edit]

The Akudama successfully finished the Shinkansen Raid and rescued the two children known as Brother and Sister, who revealed themselves to be the masterminds behind the Black Cat. The siblings made another request to deliver them to Kansai and promised to double the amount of money intended. As the group was leaving the Absolute Quarantine Zone, inside of which the Shinkansen had stopped, the Hacker decided to stay behind and instead go to Kanto. The Swindler was upset that he could potentially die, and as thanks for her help, the Hacker decided to gift her his drone. She promised to return it someday.

After saying their farewells to the Hacker, the rest of the Akudama stop and rest at the Abandoned Ward 3, waiting for the rain to stop. Meanwhile, the Doctor pressured the Brother to answer her questions, however, before he revealed anything, the Swindler, upset by her behavior towards the two children, stepped in and stopped her by claiming she was "being a bully", at which point the rest of the group agreed that she should leave them alone. The next morning, the Swindler talked to the Courier, saying that she wanted to take the children all the way to Expo Park and would not give up even if it meant putting her life on the line. As they spoke, the Swindler remembered she still had the Courier's ¥500 yen coin and tried to give it back again, but he replied with the same answer as before, which annoyed her, as the coin was the reason she was even there in the first place.

Outside Kansai, the Akudama arrived at the North Side of the Fortification wall where they encountered the Master once again. The Master tried to fight the Akudama on his own, during which the Swindler tried to protect the children while the Cutthroat protected her. In order to do so, the Cutthroat eventually used the Brother as a shield. The Swindler, believing the child to be dead, screamed in shock and disgust, but his sister insisted it was fine - the Brother was then revealed to be immortal.

Upon arriving at the location, the Swindler confronted Cutthroat about what he did to Brother and, seeing that he did not care, slapped him in disappointment. The Hoodlum, who had been away from the group, came back, revealing that the Brawler and Master had killed each other. As they arrived at the Expo Park, they found a rocket ship, which the children explained they were planning to board to escape Earth. In preparation for boarding the rocket, the Swindler gave them a happy farewell, hoping they would find happiness, as they had explained to the group their backstory. At that moment, however, the Doctor revealed herself as a traitor, and allowed Executioners to ambush the Akudama. In the midst of the fight and panic, the Brother surrendered, but first pushed the Swindler and Sister inside the rocket, letting it launch to prevent the latter from being captured.

The Kansai City Escape[edit]

The Sister and Swindler managed to escape inside the rocket, but could not reach the moon, as the rocket's fuel revealed itself to be empty. Escaping in a pod, the Sister and Swindler landed on Kansai's dump. Back in Kansai, the Swindler attempted to buy food and was caught as an Akudama, having triggered an alarm all around the city by using her seal e-payment at a takoyaki stand. The two of them had to run away and hide.

Back at the Kansai garbage dump, the Swindler and Sister took shelter inside the abandoned Garbage administrative building. Hungry, they checked the kitchen where they found canned food. They gladly ate, took a bath and washed their clothes, after which the Swindler decided to cut her hair short. As the Sister was crying because she missed her brother, a group of punks crashed into the kitchen and found them. The punks threatened to kill the Swindler and kidnap the Sister in order to sell her on the black market. The Swindler, despite having never fought before, tried her best to distract them and eventually kill them in order to protect the Sister. She wound up fainting, but when she woke up, found herself in a bed inside the Courier's shelter. On a mission to give the Sister a gift from her Brother, he had rescued the two. He then tried to leave, but the Swindler followed him and begged him to help them rescue the Brother once again. He was not interested, but the Swindler remembered that in an earlier conversation, the Courier had mentioned only caring about his purpose, and claimed that this was hers, successfully convincing him.

Rescuing the Brother[edit]

Crashing back into the Courier's place, the Sister and Swindler ate his rations while discussing a plan to rescue the Brother from the Executioners.

In order to progress with their rescue mission, Swindler sent a message to all of Kansai city claiming she planned to conquer Kansai in 12 hours along with all the Akudama. Infiltrating the Execution Department HQ, the Swindler, Courier and Sister proceeded with their mission to ambush the roof. On their way there, they found the Cutthroat standing atop a pile of bodies, planning to kill the Swindler, whom he perceived to have a beautiful "red halo", making her feel like a special kill to him. Having to run away from the Cutthroat, she tried to hide in the bathroom but was easily found. She managed to run again and hid inside a safe, at which point the Cutthroat falsely apologized. She pretended to trust him, and opened the door, only to ambush him and kill him when he tried to strangle her, using an energy sword left behind by one of the Executioners he had killed.

The Swindler met up with the Courier and Sister again, but they were late and did not reach the rooftop in time, as the helicopter flew away with the Brother, the Apprentice and the Execution Division Junior. They followed the helicopter with the Courier's bike, but found out that citizens along with police robots were blocking the roads. Although the citizens were attempting to kill the Akudama, the police robots turned against them and executed them, as they had been classified as criminals under the Boss' orders to have the system classify all rioting citizens Akudama in order to restore peace to the city and strength to the police.

Having crashed into the station, the Swindler and Sister chased after the Brother's cargo while the Courier fights the two Executioners. However, having been able to track the Brother's gift to his sister, the Doctor and Hoodlum arrived to steal Brother from the station. A manipulated Hoodlum took the Swindler hostage as the Doctor took the Junior hostage, convincing the Apprentice to give her the Brother. In the meantime, the Swindler talked to Hoodlum and tried to make him change sides by reminding him of how he stood up for the Brawler, and how highly the latter thought of him, at which point the Doctor reveals that she had been the one to ensure the Brawler died during his fight against the Master. The Sister tried to stop Apprentice as she walked towards the Swindler and Hoodlum, however, a crowd of people suddenly rushed inside the station, making the Doctor lose the string she had been using to hold the Junior hostage. In the midst of the panic, the Hoodlum slit her throat, which she retaliated, but the crowd trampled her, disallowing her from tending to her wounds and causing her death. In order to follow the Brother's cargo, the Courier, Swindler and Sister rush inside the Shinkansen along with the crowd.

Under the effect of the Decontamination Zone, the Swindler relived her history of before she became an Akudama, however this time, the Courier did not drop the ¥500 Coin and she never went to the police station. Later at her house, ready for dinner, she fell on her bed after letting go of her backpack, at which point she noticed that it contained the drone the Hacker gave her, though she did not recognize it. Following the drone, she ended up in the city where she found a ¥500 Coin and encountered the Courier at the takoyaki stand once again. The scene then freezes in place, making her snap out of the dream, at which point she and the Courier find themselves watching Bunny and Shark's TV show, which explained what they were witnessing right now and what were they doing. Unlike reality, in the Swindler's butterfly dream, the Courier accepted the ¥500 after dropping it at the takoyaki stand, making her happy he finally took it. The two of them ended up fixating on the coin, however, and as both simultaneously claimed the other "had a rotten mouth", the Swindler finally woke up. The Hacker's drone reactivated from her backpack and explained to the two of them the Kanto's brainwashing system, the Decontamination Zone. As they spoke, the Swindler realized the Sister and Brother were nowhere to be seen and rushed out of the Vault only to find the Quantum Supercomputer and the mind of Kanto itself, the Brother and Sister. Recklessly, Swindler tried to reach them only to be hit with a gravitational wave defense program protecting the Quantum Supercomputer and the children. The Hacker, claiming with a smile that all of them were nothing but selfish, decided to come to her aid by attempting to reach the children from inside the Quantum Supercomputer, allowing the Swindler to reach them from the outside, sacrificing his data in the process. Having successfully rescued the children, the Hacker gifted her a "Gift of the Afterlife". The Swindler laughed, saying that such a gift was meant for people who were passing away, but the Hacker stopped responding, and she decided to get going with the Courier and the children.

Big Sis' Promise[edit]

Leaving Kanto, they boarded the Shinkansen to return to Kansai. On their way back, however, Execution drones arrive and destroy the train. After waking up from the explosion, Swinder stands up with a broken leg and finds the Brother, Sister and Courier still alive. Hiding behind a boulder, the Brother offers to sacrifice himself again to let the Swindler and the rest live, but the Swindler angrily refuses to let him be taken away by the Executioners. In order to save the children and the Courier from the Executioners, she forcefully returned to him the ¥500 Coin that started it all.

She claimed the coin had the power to change it all, convincing an unwilling Courier to accept the ¥500 and a final job, taking the children to Shikoku. Saying her farewells, she stayed behind in order to make time and distract the Executioners by pretending to be an ordinary citizen who was caught in the explosion. Having formally introduced herself to the children as an Akudama, the Swindler, she protected them one last time before her life was taken by the Executioners. Her death, however, was broadcast to the entire city of Kansai thanks to the Hacker's "Gift of the Afterlife". She died with a smile, knowing she had done everything to save the children.


After her death, the Kansai citizens took revenge on the Executioners by killing all the Executioners and Boss, realizing that they had been killing innocents and their families. The Courier gave his life to successfully help the children run away, giving them the ¥500 coin knowing the legacy Swindler left for them and to make that coin change someone's life forever once more.

Notable relationships[edit]


In Episode 1, Doctor and Brawler tease Courier of dragging his 'girlfriend' into his affairs as an Akudama. Their relationship is a very cold one at the beginning, but things change ever the slightest when Swindler distracts the tank that was about to kill Courier when trying to rescue Cutthroat.

In Episode 5, Courier initiates a conversation with Swindler, much to her surprise.


When attacked by the Executioners, Brother entrusts his sister to the Swindler, believing that she'll continue to protect her.

In Episode 9, The Swindler is trying to reunite him and his sister.


The Swindler appears to be touched by Sister's childlike appearance and immediately takes a liking to her. She rapidly becomes protective of both her and her brother. She appears to be amused by Sister's amazement at her kindness and "ordinary person" habits.

When Sister is forcefully separated from her brother, the Swindler is ready to do anything to reunite them. She reveals herself to be very adamant about protecting her, continuously refusing to give her up when child-traffickers attack the two of them. In order to continue protecting Sister, the Swindler shows to be capable of killing for the first time.

The Swindler insists to be considered Sister's "big sister".


The Cutthroat takes an immediate liking to the Swindler, which is initially assumed to be due to the pink streaks in her hair, as he looks at her in amazement right upon mentioning that "pink isn't that bad". With time, however, the Cutthroat is revealed to regard the Swindler as his "angel" and be amazed by her actions as well.

He is extremely protective of her, and would visibly do anything for her sake. Early on, he takes her order to use his knives to break the invisible barrier keeping them from accessing the Shinkansen, but he takes it much farther when he cuts his own legs off in order to continue to protect her. He even uses Brother as a shield for her and himself at the risk of the little boy's life, which he claims to have done because he needs to stay alive to protect her.

The Cutthroat's feelings appear to be one-sided, however, as the Swindler never reciprocates his sweet names, and even pushes him away whenever he tries to touch her, weirded out by his extreme affection. Upon his use of Brother as a shield, the Swindler, shocked, slaps him, calling him despicable, as she finds that his reasoning isn't enough justification. This doesn't seem to bother the Cutthroat, as he continues to protect her.

The Cutthroat's affections towards the Swindler are later revealed to be due to an angel-like "red halo" which he sees developing over her head more and more as time goes on. Yearning to kill her for that reason, the Cutthroat chases after her one last time, until the Swindler kills him in self-defense. She seemed shocked by this reveal, but didn't hesitate to kill him nor did she fall for his attempt to manipulate her during their last fight.


The "Swindler" is originally introduced as an "Ordinary Person" with a regular job, life, and no particular skill. In Episode 11, she visualizes her own life, in which her favorite moments involve coming back from work, cooking or buying food, and sinking into bed.

Under the pretense of being an Akudama named "Swindler", however, she appears to truly evolve into one. Her initial lie can be perceived as swindling to begin with, but as the story progresses, she is truly viewed as a swindler, for example by the Doctor who perceives her caring for the Brother and Sister as an act. The Doctor views her speeches as manipulative, and whether or not she is doing it knowingly, the Swindler uses those to her advantage, for example by echoing the Courier's need for belonging to convince him to help her, or talking about the Brawler's legacy to the Hoodlum to convince him to turn against the Doctor.

Registered as an Akudama under this new name, the Swindler eventually uses her fame to cause havoc in Kansai by triumphantly pretending to plan on starting a war in Kansai along with the other Akudama. In her last moments, she creates confusion by claiming to be an ordinary person in front of a camera she had set up, before being executed, successfully leading to a riot in the city.

Although she is initially involved in the Black Cat's mission without her consent, the Swindler is shown to use quick-thinking to succeed despite panicking, and to be a risk-taker, for example by going inside the cargo to get inside the Shinkansen at the risk of being killed, were she to be too heavy. As time goes on, the Swindler gets used to being involved in dangerous situations and makes use of her newfound abilities in order to survive and protect the Sister. Despite not being a trained fighter, she is able to fight back against punks attacking the two of them, and to use a firearm to triumphantly shoot one of them.





  • Renta! hosted a popularity poll in December 2020, in which the Ordinary Person ranked 4th with 1881 votes to her name.[8]
  • Her original name in Japanese, 一般人 Ippanjin, literally translates to "average person".
    • While Funimation's subtitles use the translation "Ordinary Person" to refer to her, officially licensed merch has shown to use the term "Citizen" instead.[9]
  • Her second name in Japanese, 詐欺師 Sagi-shi, literally translates to "swindler" or "imposter".
  • As is the case for other characters like the Brawler, part of the Swindler's past that was absent from the anime was revealed in the manga adaptation. In the Swindler's case, manga artist Rokurou Ogaki specified on Twitter that the scene was based on a memo written by director Tomohisa Taguchi.[10] Tomohisa Taguchi himself confirmed that he had provided a long note detailing the Swindler's past.[11] In a positive reply to Tomohisa Taguchi, Rokurou Ogaki mentioned that the scene portrayed in Chapter 35 of the manga was only part of her story.[12]



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