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Rokurou Ogaki (大柿ロクロウ Ōgaki Rokurō) is a japanese mangaka who is in charge of the Akudama Drive manga adaptation, Akudama Drive Comicalize.


Rokurou Ogaki worked as an assistant for mangaka Junpei Gotō and Kenjiro Hata before his debut in magazine Shōnen Sunday S with Zettai Karen Children spin-off THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介 for which he is credited as a writer.

In 2017, serialization of his manga シノビノ Shinobuno () started in magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday's 33rd issue. In 2019, he was in charge of the comicalization of the Touken Ranbu film published by Shogakukan.

From July 6, 2020, Rokurou Ogaki started to publish the serialized comicalization of Akudama Drive on Renta! with supervision from the "Akudama Drive Production Committee", using the story of Too Kyo Games and Studio Pierrot's anime.

From September 2020, he started to simultaneously publish a serialized manga named クレイジーフードトラック CRAZY FOOD TRUCK in magazine Monthly Comic Bunch ().


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  • His pen name, ロクロウ Rokurou, is a reference to rock and roll.[14]
  • After the completion of Akudama Drive Comicalize, he mentioned being interested in drawing non-official side stories featuring the characters of Akudama Drive.[15]

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