Questions about images edit

I saw the call for help on Twitter so I figured I'd pop in to give a hand :) Special:WantedFiles is now mostly resolved. Over at Fandom there are about 50 unused files—not sure if those need to be carried over as well so I'm leaving them for the moment, but let me know if these also have to be transferred to here :)

I also spotted these duplicate files (they appear to be the same aside from quality/image size). I don't know if that is intentional but I figured I'd just bring it to your attention: File:The Black Cat introduces itself - Episode 1.png and File:Episode 1-7.jpg

About File:Male.png and File:Female.png—there is no licensing information on their original Fandom pages and they appear to be taken from the Danganronpa wiki, where it says that the files are copyrighted. I don't know if that's intentional so again, just bringing it to your attention in case that's an issue.

Cheers! HanTheGene (talk) 13:01, 5 March 2023 (UTC)

Hello! Thank you SO MUCH for your help, it truly means a lot!!! Some images are still missing, (Those inside Infoboxes, I think? I'll have a look ASAP and figure out what is left - I wonder why WantedFiles doesn't mention them) but thanks to your work, it's going to be so easy to deal with! Thank you for bringing my attention to UnusedFiles - don't worry about them, I'll take a quick look and figure out what makes sense to keep. (The manga profiles are already taken care of, since the Gender template links to them.)
Good point about the duplicate - I think that's on me, because I'm the one who took the higher quality screenshot and uploaded it as a png. There's no rush, since moving was taking most of my attention, but I'll definitely give files a look over and fix duplicates in the future.

I didn't know the Male and Female files were specifically from the Danganronpa Wiki - they were originally published by our Content Mod, who is also an admin of said Wiki. That being said, Miraheze, and notably this here Wiki, uses the same licensing as the Danganronpa Wiki on Fandom, so in the present, it is considered that any file published here falls under CC by SA 4.0.

I hope this covers it. Thanks again, I would have never been able to get all of this done so fast without your help! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Ninjan (talk) 14:52, 5 March 2023 (UTC)

abbr tag vs. brackets edit

Good day. I'm coming here with just a simple stylistic suggestion for the wiki. I've noticed that in the Courier's page, for example, a lot of the details in the infobox often have extra information in brackets. Such as the cause of death section, where it says "(Buying time for Brother and Sister to escape) Fatigue and bleeding".

What if, for details that have slightly more context to them (best way I can phrase that), the HTML tag gets used? For example, it could be "Exsanguination and fatigue*", where the user can hover their mouse over the asterisk for the extra info. But then again, it would possibly need a change in other wiki articles to conform to this change, right? I don't see the reason why "Shit guy (by Sister)" would need to be replaced by "Shit guy*", as an example.

The real downside is that I don't think the tag's hover feature will work on mobile devices.

I've noticed that you're the only active admin (well, and person as a whole really) in the wiki in the meantime so I thought it would have been reasonable to just message you like this directly. Swornever (talk) 05:28, 1 July 2023 (UTC)

Hello! Thank you for your suggestion. Templates like you describe are indeed commonly used on Wikis, but unfortunately, they don't work on mobile. From having had these statistics available back on Fandom, I know that most of the Wiki's visitors are on mobile, so unfortunately, I don't think this change would be appropriate. It could be used in cases in which the information is fully bonus, but the examples you cited are too noteworthy to possibly be dismissed for the majority of users in my opinion.

Thank you very much for asking me about this! If you have other suggestions or need help with anything, feel free! Ninjan (talk) 10:35, 1 July 2023 (UTC)